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About Us

Not Just A Tutoring Agency

Starting with just 10 tutors and a mobile phone, Tavistock Tutors has gone from strength to strength. Now based in Central London with offices in Soho, Tavistock Tutors boasts over 1000 tutors and a wealth of academic advisors.

The story of Tavistock Tutors begins with its owners’ desire to start the first goal achievement agency. Tavistock Tutors was founded in 2009 and has rapidly become one of London’s most successful and prestigious education companies.

Tavistock Tutors’ biggest priority is to help our students achieve their goals. Our rapid growth was, and continues to be, based on the attention to our students’ needs that only a personal service such as ours can deliver.

What is a goal achievement agency?

With every new request, a goal is set for the student and we use that goal to monitor the success rate.

Goal ratings display the percentage of goals that our students and tutors have achieved. This figure is updated every time a goal has either been achieved or failed. Each of our tutors have their own goal achievement rates which are sent to clients when a tutor is requested. This allows our clients to verify a tutors success rate and feel confident that the tutor can help achieve their goals.

If a tutor has a low goal achievement rating, we do not work with them. Tavistock Tutors is a meritocracy and for that reason we will only work with the most successful tutors. We set out, on a daily basis, to improve the organisation wide goal achievement rates by ensuring that as many of our students as possible are achieving their goals.

We go the extra mile for our students and always source the highest quality tutors with years of tutoring experience, excellent qualifications and communication skills that are second to none.

Furthermore all of our tutors undergo an enhanced DBS check. Relax in the safety and security that this delivers for you and your child and rest assured that following a successful check our tutors undergo a rigorous interview procedure before being signed up.

Why Use Tavistock Tutors?


Efficient Placements

Tavistock Tutors usually find a suitable tutor within a few hours.


In-depth Recruitment Process

Tavistock Tutors has an in-depth recruitment process ensuring we offer the best tutors.


Goal Achievement Agency

We use goal achievement rates to measure the success rates of our tutors and as a company we have helped 93% of our students achieve their goals.


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